Yoga sutra 1.5

Have courage. The mouse in your mind is trying to keep you busy. If you catch the mouse, you can teach it to meditate.

“How do I stop my mind from spinning” said the mouse? “Don’t ask me. My mind is spinning too much to help you” said the other mouse. And fell over. 😉 The first few of Patanjali’s Sutras get us very excited as we are introduced to all of the wonders of practising yoga (1 –… Continue reading Yoga sutra 1.5

Intentions and finding moments of stillness.

Is finding stillness an uphill battle?

Intentions. Why are you doing what you are doing? Everything we do is on some level either for survival or to be loved.  Or is it? What is your intention for your yoga practise? Through practices of forms of yoga, whether physical yoga asana, breath-work through pranayama, meditation or any of the other elements of… Continue reading Intentions and finding moments of stillness.