About me. Who, what, why and how.

About me
Teaching at Bikram Yoga Fana

Who – about me?

My name is Nathan Bunting, or Nate Bunting – depending on when we first met. 🙂 I teach strong yoga asana for all levels of experience. I grew up with yoga in my life, because of my mother’s influence. In addition, I have a geeky obsession with anatomy and love of helping people find out more about their physical and subtle bodies. I reference and integrate the other limbs of yoga, so expect to learn how to breath, how to let go and how to find your path.

What – experience?

I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, a certified personal trainer and teacher of breathing techniques and meditation.

Why – should I?

I passionately burn for this but I laugh a lot. I know this stuff will make everything better, both for you, the earth you walk on, and everybody around you. 🙂

How? Let us get started.

How can I help you? Do you want to come to one of my classes? Perhaps you want to get a good start to building your home practise with a one-to-one yoga personal training session? Does your business want to provide something special for your staff with a morning or lunchtime yoga, mindfulness meditation or breathing session? I am here to provide any of these and more. Get in touch and let us see what I can help you with.


I have a fully booked timetable as I write this. If you are looking to work on a one-to-one basis or offer your staff at your business yoga then it would be a good idea to get in touch quite soon. I am starting to plan 2022 now. I suggest you get in touch now if you are interested in planning something for next year. Life-stuff happens and maybe we can find an opportunity for you sooner rather than later.