Hey you. Welcome.

Welcome. Picture of Nate in arm balance
Welcome to cobra-yoga

Welcome to my home.

Hey there you. Welcome.

Here on my blog you can read about my approach to yoga. There is also information on my classes, workshops, one-to-one yoga personal training and yoga for businesses and organisations. I am based in Bergen, Norway (og jeg snakker norsk!). At the moment I primarily teach out of a wonderful studio called Yogahuset Fana in Nesttun, Norway. I also have the ability to teach out of my home studio. This is mostly suited to one-to-one yoga teaching. I will be adding a page on this during the summer. For the benefit of both parties I am limited to how many I can take in on a one-to-one basis. You can read more about me on the about page.

Why a blog

This site is where you can get in contact with me and find out why, when, where, and how I teach. I have an apathetic relationship to social media, so this place is pretty important to me for contact with you.

What is in it it for you?

This welcome also requires a call to action. At the moment I’m working on finding a groove for the site. It is hard to know what I can offer here that can help you to find your path in yoga and learning more about yourself. It would be really useful if you could treat this site as an opportunity to get involved. Let me know what you would like to see. Do you want videos of sequences or tips and tricks? I have had several requests for guided meditation, pranayama or savasana. Should these be audio only or video? There are lots of questions that only you as reader can answer here. I will do my best to offer lots of different things until I get enough feedback to begin to tailor the content here.

I hope you enjoy the site. Namaste.

Edit: 6th October. Changed and updated the studio name and edited a bit that scanned badly.