Why am I practising yogaasana anyway?

Guru in the mist


Why do I practise yogaasana anyway? When I first started practising, it was from a very physical standpoint. Now that is a very small part of my yoga. It was Ashtanga and Hatha and I wanted to sweat in some kind of pseudo-spiritual and physical fire. I know this is how a lot of people get into yogaasana. Over the years I tried many different schools of yoga and I have learned from a lot of different yoga teachers. I have met three gurus so far in my life. I have never found a yoga guru in Norway, though I recently met what I would consider being a guru of western psychology. The other two are too far away to be accessible.

And now

I have had many, many teachers. However, I learn far more about yoga from the people that I meet day-to-day than I would from a guru at this point in my life. My belief is that I have made all of my choices already. I will write more about this concept at a later date. I believe that because the future is, in the best-case scenario, uncertain. The past is simply an extremely distorted echo of an echo. All choice lies therefore in the here and now of this moment. That means that my experience right now could never be travelling back to India, or spending my time in an ashram. It is fully and courageously being in the now. Some would argue that this is Maya but that is irrelevant in this context. This is my tapas. Willing the self into being fully engaged. Right now and here.

I came upon this approach whilst working with fear. It was fascinating to me how much of my thought and action is based on fear. What I learned needs to be written up in another post at a later date.

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