Group trainer award

I was very, very surprised but happy to receive the season’s group-instructor award at SATS Sandviken for my yoga classes. A big thanks to everyone at SATS for this.  

Hip-opener sequence this morning

Morning guys. I hope you all had a great nights sleep and are up and going. This morning I felt like I needed to work on my endless hip-opening practise before work. Yes, it is endless. As a teeneager I had to have both my hips pinned with huge medical nails for a year and […]

The changing of Yoga

I am going to post this article on the changing face of yoga here and now, then come back and edit this post with some of my views on it later. Go and give it a read as it is both interesting and raises some questions I have been considering lately. Here: “the end of […]

To head-stand or not to head-stand

This is worth five minutes of your attention: I am still in two minds about headstands in a group setting. In a very large group, like the Sunday class, it’s a no-no. It’s so important that the teacher has control.

Parivrtta Sukhasana

You’ll recognize this twist from the opening of all my classes. It’s fantastic to really warm the spine and begin your yoga. To begin the twist, place your left hand on the outside of your right thigh and your right hand on the floor behind you With an inhalation, lengthen the spine from the tailbone […]

Society is broken.

Interesting. And inspiring. Question: Are you actually contributing to society or are you just paying the bills?   Joe Rogan’s inspiring interview about doing what you love.