About Cobra-Yoga. Why is it here and why am I here?

About Cobra-Yoga


About the site. Nate by the Ganga


About. The crossroads

Where I am in my own practice, and therefore also why I teach what I teach, is in the middle of a crossroads. I try to come back to a crossroads between strength, humility, mobility and stability. Crossroads are funny places. You turn and look down one road and you can see infinite possibility. It looks great. When you are looking down that road, it fills your focus. It is all you can see but, if you turn to the next road, that one looks great too. The only problem is that if you go to far down one of those roads then you cannot see the other three directions any more. Wait a second. I need to go back to see what those other roads were all about. Every progression is naturally going to be in a single direction for a while but, at some point, you will have to return to the nexus point in order to find out the other possibilities.

The cobra snake

Why do I call the website Cobra-Yoga? The cobra snake has the ability to integrate strength, flexibility, mobility. It passively warms itself in the sun and then heads off with purpose, gliding over the surface of the sand and never creates a footprint. I have a long way to go but the pleasure of the journey should keep me going.

I try to be strong and flexible, integrate mobility and stability. That is what my yogaasana practice is about, and that is what I hope that I can teach.

Plus cobras are pretty cool.


You can find some more hints of what this about. It may become a little clearer, or it may not. The actual website itself is something which is going to develop over time. I am more interested in the classes, the practice and the ability to communicate by teaching, than I am in having a pretty site. Having a site which could be a resource would be fantastic, but it takes time. Hopefully you will be patient with me, dear reader, and return. If you don’t, I understand. We’re all busy. Unfortunately.

More information on where I am at might be gleaned by looking at the link underneath.