Inversion diversion. Love-hate relationships with handstands.

Tough? Oh! yes.

Handstands are tough. And they should be.

Handstands out on Totlandsfjell

Handstand, out on Totlandsfjell.



The ubiquitous handstand picture out in the country. This is far from a well aligned handstand. But it was fun 🙂

Handstands. It is love-hate.

Adho mukha vrksasana. I have a love-hate relationship to handstands. When it works, I love it. When I am working on it, I hate it. Here the accent is on work. Do not listen to anybody who tries to sell you on the idea that it is an easy asana. They are trying to sell you something. $50 online course and we’ll have you doing handstands before you can say “where is my credit card?” It is not easy. The main reason for that is that it requires work. You have heard my middle-aged man grumbling about the naivitet of “easy” yoga before. Yoga asana should be a challenge. If you could do every posture perfectly, you wouldn’t need to practice yoga. You would be able to move on to twenty four hour mediation sessions and shatkarma Sutra Neti sessions.

By the way, I have posted a lovely, charming picture of me engaging in Sutra Neti in India this earlier this year at the bottom of the page to give you something to look forward to.

A bit of advice – keep your $50.

Forget rushing this and, instead, start to think of the long game. You are going to build massive core, arm strength and focus. My advice is to incorporate it into your regular practice. Place your mat with the short end near a wall and when you reach the end of a sun salutation kick into a handstand against the wall and hold it, moving both heels away from the wall and building your strength. Start with 15 seconds and move to a minute. This is a good start. Do this every day and then you can start to experiment with moving away from the wall. One of the problems with doing a full inversion practice is that you’ll probably only get time to do it once or twice a week and to learn these inversions you need continuity.

If it works you can send me $50 🙂 Or come to one of the upcoming workshops at Bikram Yoga Fana. 😀

And as promised…

neti sutra, from handstands article.

Yes – the ol’ neti sutra

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