Focus “Action, breath, reaction”. March, week two.

This week at my classes I spoke about the idea of the breath as transition between cause and effect or action and reaction. Often it occurs to me that I react immediately to something which happens in life without taking any time to think. A knee-jerk reaction. When I take a moment, take a breath, and then react everything seems to work better. Perhaps I choose not to react. I definitely move forward more skilfully.
I don’t think this is because I am filtering my reactions. I think that it gives me a short buffer or moment to disconnect the immediate reaction of my ego and lets the the subtler parts of my mind in on the action. This week I have related this directly back to yoga practise. Here, if I don’t have focus on the breath, what often happens is that when moving into asana the nervous system will just react immediately to the action which I’ve just instigated. Immediately it will seek the easiest path. This is what the body is always trying to do when left to it’s own devices. This easy path may have been etched in by bad posture, repetitive movements (like typing on a keyboard all day) and may not be the right one. It is just the easiest for the body at this time. The breath, immediately after entering an asana, is the perfect time to have that same buffer. It gives the time to let body focus on the transition and find the optimal way for that asana, not the simplest. This is the focus that I discussed both at the start and end of this week’s classes. I hope this inspired or focused the practise.

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