Five things I learned from meditating for every day of the year.

  1. Focus is not the same as relaxation. Focus is an action – you have to work at it. Relaxation is a lack of action – you have to stop working.
  2. Positive thinking is a fragile way to create contentment. It seems that true contentment comes from being able to step back from emotions like anxiety, anger and accept them without getting caught up in them.
  3. Taking a step back and observing emotions doesn’t make you become removed from “real” life. It seems to have the reverse effect. It just means that you don’t get caught up in it after the emotion is¬†finished.
  4. You can change everything with just twenty minutes a day.
  5. If you do it every day for a month, you’ll never want to stop.

    Meditation - start soon.

    Meditation – start soon.

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