A week which defines what Cobra Yoga is all about

This week I’ve had a Cobra-defining training program. The reason I’m writing this is because it was almost an ideal week of practicing what I preach.

Let’s get my first point out of the way. Yoga is not a panacea. It shouldn’t be the only type of training you do. If you want a long, healthy and balanced life, The perfect triangle is yoga, condition (cardio), and a form of strength training.

There is a strange cult-like concept in the yoga community which will have certain instructors treating your admission that you run or lift weights like some kind of betrayal. This isn’t an eccentricity, it is downright wrong. Yoga is absolutely fantastic for many elements of health and personal development, but it doesn’t answer all the physiological needs of the human body.

At different phases in our lives we will need more focus on strength and at all times we need to challenge our cardiovascular systems. There is a unique and amazing feeling when you hit a balance between the three – strength, flexibility and conditioning – all united with the breath and being present. You feel balanced, focused, and, simply downright “well”.

Many yogis will argue about the research pointing at the raised heart rate of a series of sun salutations, or the strength gains of bodyweight exercises. Yes, yes, yes. I agree. However, look deeper into these articles on Pubmed, beyond their interpretations in Yoga Journal and other industry publications and you’ll see that they are just is not enough to challenge the cardiovascular system or to combat muscular atrophy on their own. If you then take into consideration that, using a home Practise, many people don’t manage to perform their yoga more than couple of times a week, you can see that it isn’t enough.

Of course there are exceptions. There will always be the yogis who Practise four hours a day and have amazing physiques. But four hours a day people. Four hours. Let’s be realistic.

So, how was my week. Yes, it did involve yoga every day but many times during my own classes where I spend a lot of time out in the room adjusting and helping people. It also included 30 minutes of pyramid interval running, a 10k slow tempo run, two strength sessions with lifting and pulling big weights and a rehab /yoga strength session.

Yes. It feels pretty good. 🙂 Now after a fifty hour working week, it’s time for sushi.

Have a great Sunday.

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