Welcome to the home of Nate Bunting’s yoga teaching. Here you will find information on my classes, workshops, one-to-one yoga personal training and yoga for businesses and organisations. I am based in Bergen, Norway (og jeg snakker norsk!). At the moment I primarily teach out of a wonderful studio called Bikram Yoga Fana in Nesttun. They are about to change their name so I will update that when it happens. I also have the ability to teach out of my home studio.

This site is where you can get in contact with me and find out why, when, where, and how I teach. I have an apathetic relationship to social media, so this place is pretty important to me for communicating with you.


Welcome to the site.


My name is Nathan Bunting, or Nate Bunting – depending on when we first met. 🙂 I teach strong yoga for all levels of experience. I reference and integrate the other limbs of yoga. In addition, I have a geeky obsession with anatomy and love of helping people find out more about themselves.

I am Yoga Alliance certified instructor, a certified personal trainer and lover of breathing techniques and meditation.

I burn for this stuff. 🙂


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