Inversion diversion. Love-hate relationships with handstands.

Tough? Oh! yes. Handstands are tough. And they should be.     The ubiquitous handstand picture out in the country. This is far from a well aligned handstand. But it was fun 🙂 Handstands. It is love-hate. Adho mukha vrksasana. I have a love-hate relationship to handstands. When it works, I love it. When I […]

Handstands out in the country. From the handstand article.

The end of the year.

Reaching the end of 2016 and I am glad. What a bloody turmoil this year has been. I have watched in despair as the hate and death in the world has grown. I have been really affected by the lack of empathy for others. I think that in times of struggle and difficulty it is […]

Group trainer award

I was very, very surprised but happy to receive the season’s group-instructor award at SATS Sandviken for my yoga classes. A big thanks to everyone at SATS for this.  

Get to the mat for some yoga every day

Yoga commitment. Just get on the mat.

The yoga mat is there. Waiting We need to get on our yoga mats every day. Sometimes I am busy. Sometimes I just have no time at all. Even then, five minutes is enough. It is not about how long for. It is about making a commitment to your practise. If you want a challenge, […]

Be strong and spring. 

Good morning Cobras. For May’s classes I thought we could focus on different elements of strength. As growth is a key element of the spring season I also will be taking that in as an element of the months classes. I am covering a few extra classes on Tuesdays at Bikram Yoga Fana so it […]

Even if you both confident and comfortable in the hero pose, you will find something to learn here.

Focus “Action, breath, reaction”. March, week two.

This week at my classes I spoke about the idea of the breath as transition between cause and effect or action and reaction. Often it occurs to me that I react immediately to something which happens in life without taking any time to think. A knee-jerk reaction. When I take a moment, take a breath, […]

Five things I learned from meditating for every day of the year.

Focus is not the same as relaxation. Focus is an action – you have to work at it. Relaxation is a lack of action – you have to stop working. Positive thinking is a fragile way to create contentment. It seems that true contentment comes from being able to step back from emotions like anxiety, […]

Grandfather’s meditation

Grandad’s meditation My grandfather used to get up early every morning and go downstairs and sit quietly. After he died my mother gave me a series of small cards that he used to read to himself. It turns out he would repeat these every morning. Here is one example. “This is the beginning of a […]

Creating your own yoga practise 1: Playing with sequencing

I just started a new class for the autumn season. I wanted to do something a bit different to my Sunday class and, as is usual with me, began over-thinking the whole thing. The class is at 5:30 pm on a Fridays. It is a difficult time as the majority of people arriving at the […]